7960 mayhem

7960Thanks to a good friend of mine, I got a Cisco 7960 IP Phone today!

I intend to explore the features of the beast, and maybe try to get it working in combination with the voip thing I get from xs4all. Perhaps toy arround with Asterisk while I am at it.

The only downside to this story is that I still need an adapter for it. This type requires 48V / 50 mA DC input, and that’s one thing my universal adapter can’t provide. (12V max). Oh well, there’s always ebay.


I’ve been editing and structuring the Wiki for the -IX for some time now (the name hasn’t been decided on yet), and it looks good.

We have people, we have hardware, we have transit and rack space. Now all we need is to get started, and we’ll be happily peering BGP4 again.

For those of you who don’t know what all this stuff is about, I’ll try to summarise it here:

The internet is as some may know, a network of networks. Each of those networks is privately owned by a corporation, university or a person. In order for all those network to communicate with eachother, you need something. That something is BGP ( Border Gateway Protocol ).

Basicly, BGP is the glue which holds the internet together, it tells networks where they can find other networks, and through which path those networks can be reached. Since every major telco and ISP is connected through more then one redundant links, it can also change the announcement from link 1 to link 2 if link 1 where to fail. Because of this, outages that cripple the entire internet are extremely rare.

Now, the grok-ix (or grok-net) project, is a collection of network enthousiasts, who want to play around with network technology. For this to happen, we need a virtual infrastructure (an internet exchange on steroids and then some) and some official routable IP space.