Friday, 18 Jan 2019
Tag: personal

do companies ‘sell out’ their customers?

Normally I don’t answer ‘blocked’ phone numbers on my cellphone, but since I’m expecting a call from a company I got tempted today. It was (off course) some call center, who immediately asked: “I’m sorry to bother you, but do you by any chance have children under the age of 12?” my (logical) answer was: […]

a wonderful xmas :)

I had a wonderful Christmas this year 🙂 On the 24th, my girlfriend Kirsteen flew in from Vienna, where she lives, and she stayed until the 27th. We did the whole exchange of gifts on Christmas-eve, a first for me – it’s more a British tradition I think, and since she’s Scottish … I think […]


No, I am not overloaded, though I’m not far from it sometimes, but my trusted mailserver is almost there. All day long there’s been a close to inifine flow of spam, bounces and other junk storming into my mailbox. As some of you may know, I’ve got a powerful IBM server running FreeBSD here at […]

And suddenly….

A letter from our lawyer, who handles our joint request for divorce, arrived The judge has declared to agree with what Petra and I decided, and has confirmed that with a signature I immediately send the lawyer a confirmation (that we agree with the verdict/decree, which is a sort of final check) and that he […]

signed, sealed and almost delivered

For most of you it’s been known for a little while now, for some of you this will come as a nasty bit of a shock: Petra and I are getting a divorce. Before anyone gets wild ideas about lengthy court battles and endless custody hearings: we will have none of that. We are ending […]