Tuesday, 25 Jan 2022
Tag: Vmware

vmware ESXi

Vmware released it’s answer to Microsoft’s Hyper-V product today: a free to download and using 32MB diskspace of footprint Hypervisor. This can only mean that the virtualisation market is gearing up for one heck of a competition run, maybe even a full-out war. Frankly, Vmware has the lead right now, they are market leader in […]

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usefull tips for FreeBSD in vmware

Ivan Voras made a nice post called FreeBSD under VMWare, it has very usefull tips. Read more here. it covers a number of common pitfalls related to using FreeBSD in a vmware setting: using the wrong network driver (reducing network bandwith to 10Mbit/s) wrong kernel time frequency (modern day is 1000Hz, 100Hz is recommended) if […]

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FreeBSD on vmware ESX 3.x

Okay, at work we have a vmware virtual infrastructure (or vmware esx 3.x) setup. It’s a really sweet setup, made up out of four boxes (HP DL385’s) with two dual-core AMD Opteron CPU’s, 16GB of RAM, and a nice 6TB SAN for storage. There’s a windows DL380 for virtual centre, and to manage the snapshots […]

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