Friday, 16 Nov 2018
Category: Apple

Samsung Continues to Poke Fun at Apple Fans in Super Bowl Ad

A nice post from MacRumors points out that Samsung continues to poke fun at Apple users, who stand in line to get the a newly launched product. Now, as a dutch person, I am blissfully oblivious to the Super Bowl, but one thing I do know is: Super Bowl ads do not come cheap So, Samsung […]

The only thing the iPad might be lacking

I, like many others, like the iPad. I don’t own one, and never have, because as much as I love my iPhone, I don’t like one simple thing: – it’s got no separation for users Separation for users, while a common thing on computers, including OS X, is very uncommon on phones and tablets. On […]

Crouching lion, hidden UNIX

One of the many things I like about Mac OS X (Server) is the fact it’s a pure-bred UNIX. It’s even certified as such. Not to mention that the Director of Unix Technology at Apple is the person who at one point started the FreeBSD project: Jordan K. Hubbard. (I love FreeBSD, so I’m very […]

Apple videostore stupidity

I don’t get Apple. They make great products, have a great iTunes store, and make sure their products work with iTunes. Sounds pretty good, even if you are terrified of something called ‘vendor lock-in’. (which I am not) Okay, so now we have something called: “Apple TV”. It breaks every rule of intelligent commerce and […]

holy 23″ screen!

They just dragged in no less then 5 Apple HD Cinema 23″ screens here. And HOT DAMN those screens are cool. Just the thing to hook up to my MacBook Pro, but alas, I will have stick to my Sony 20″ CRT screen here at work for now…. [ad]