Samsung Continues to Poke Fun at Apple Fans in Super Bowl Ad

A nice post from MacRumors points out that Samsung continues to poke fun at Apple users, who stand in line to get the a newly launched product.

Now, as a dutch person, I am blissfully oblivious to the Super Bowl, but one thing I do know is:

Super Bowl ads do not come cheap

So, Samsung thinks people are wrong for being dedicated to a certain brand other then theirs (Apple, no surprises so far). And wants to use advertising to ‘convert’ such people to purchasing the ‘right’ choice. (their product). Nothing shocking so far.

So, they have spent millions ( from what I’ve learned, Super Bowl Ads really do not come cheap) on an ad, in which they alienate their prospective customers, by – basically – calling them idiots. Now, I am not one to complain when a big corporation pisses away it’s money. But seriously. Did you even pay attention in marketing school? Never, ever, ever, piss of people you want as your customer.

For people who buy Apple stuff, your products are probably just not interesting enough. From my own personal experience with Samsung: apple hardware is a hell of a lot better quality. If I spend money, I don’t mind spending more money, if I get a better product. Apple delivers. Every damn time.

Not that I would personally stand in line for it.

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