Monday, 17 Dec 2018
Tag: FreeBSD

when using suphp on FreeBSD

always remember to do the following after upgrading PHP, but before restarting apache: cd /usr/ports/www/suphp make deinstall && make reinstall when using eaccelerator do: cd /usr/ports/www/eaccelerator make deinstall && make reinstall too. Saves you a LOT of headaches 😉 [ad]

FreeBSD 7.1-RC1 Security Advisories

One day, you’re bouncing all over the place because there’s an official 7.1-RC1, the next, there’s already two security advisories. To sum them up: protosw safe to ignore unless you have local users, safe to ignore if you haven’t loaded / compiled in the ng_* modules Index: sys/kern/uipc_domain.c =================================================================== — sys/kern/uipc_domain.c (revision 186366) +++ sys/kern/uipc_domain.c […]

And FreeBSD 7.1-RC1 official

You got to love the way they write the release announcements: “Gee. Did we really implement that new interface that way? That needs a bit more work.” So,  it’s now the last few legs of the release cycle, and I’m looking forward to it. DO read the release announcement or /usr/src/UPDATING, specialy if you currently […]

gearing up for FreeBSD 7.1

We’re only a little bit removed from the next major FreeBSD release. The branch has been tagged, and the ports-tree is (thank God!) unfrozen once again. The first Release Candidate has hit the FTP servers. I’ve been running -PRERELEASE for a while now, and haven’t found any problems so far, not on real-steal hardware, nor […]

Windows market share drops below 90%

Some historical firsts are quite newsworthy. Net Applications reports that for the first time ever, Windows market share has dropped below 90%.  According to sources, this is mainly because Mac OS X is grabbing a stronger footing in the global OS market with 8.87% share. Linux, the iPhone and the PS3 gain a bit too, […]

usefull tips for FreeBSD in vmware

Ivan Voras made a nice post called FreeBSD under VMWare, it has very usefull tips. Read more here. it covers a number of common pitfalls related to using FreeBSD in a vmware setting: using the wrong network driver (reducing network bandwith to 10Mbit/s) wrong kernel time frequency (modern day is 1000Hz, 100Hz is recommended) if […]

FreeBSD portupgrade / portversion dumps core

First of all: do not panic Second: get some coffee Finaly: rm /var/db/pkg/pkgdb.db I think this comes from upgrading portupgrade somewhere along the line, and accidentaly switching between database formats (hash, or bdb4 btree). The strangest thing is that I’ve searched high and low with Google, but no results anywhere. (not even any of the […]

HP has clue, but not quite enough (yet)

I like HP servers. True enough, I like Supermicro better, but big companies tend not to like Supermicro due to the fact you have to assemble them yourself, and there’s no real support / SLA agreement possible with them (for now – I hear it’s in the works). Most people in the ISP world know […]

FreeBSD on vmware ESX 3.x

Okay, at work we have a vmware virtual infrastructure (or vmware esx 3.x) setup. It’s a really sweet setup, made up out of four boxes (HP DL385’s) with two dual-core AMD Opteron CPU’s, 16GB of RAM, and a nice 6TB SAN for storage. There’s a windows DL380 for virtual centre, and to manage the snapshots […]