And FreeBSD 7.1-RC1 official

FreeBSD - The power to server

You got to love the way they write the release announcements:

“Gee. Did we really implement that new interface that way? That needs a bit more work.”

So,  it’s now the last few legs of the release cycle, and I’m looking forward to it.

DO read the release announcement or /usr/src/UPDATING, specialy if you currently have a system that uses the em(4) driver (Intel E1000 NIC), it might change with this release, to igb(4).


One thought on “And FreeBSD 7.1-RC1 official

  1. And to stay fully in sequence with the “Gee…” bit:

    “Gee, did I *really* write /etc/source/UPDATING, instead of /usr/src/UPDATING?

    it’s the 7.1 ghost, out to get ya’ll 🙂

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