Lakeside 2007

And the winner is…. Martin Adams!

Boy, was that ever a tense final. First Adams put the score to 6-0 in sets, after which Phil Nixon came back to put the score to 6-6. Then Martin picked up where he left off and won the last set, making him the new world champion. My wife and I where glued to the television.

It also proved me wrong, last year I wrote that Jelle was the future of darts, by which off course I meant a completely new and young league of darts players. Well, most of the young crowd got taken out fairly early on in the competition, and the ‘oldies’ (pardon the expression guys) put on a huge show.

The major disappointment this year off course was Andy Fordham. Not because he performed terribly, but because he got quite seriously ill before his first match. He was taken to the hospital, and unconfirmed reports thus far state he has an pneumonia. We hope he’ll be feeling better soon, because quite honestly (and with all due respect to all the other players) Lakeside isn’t Lakeside without the Viking. (just like it wouldn’t be Lakeside without Adams, King, O’Shea, Hankey and Fitton.

All in all, a good competition which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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