SCO falls… extremely hard

sco vs novellOkay, some of you might have felt a tremor on the 10th of August. And in case you where wondering: that was the Novell vs SCO verdict being dropped off by the judge 🙂

This 109 pages of legal words are like the hand of God (or whatever deity you favour) smacking SCO down.

GrokLaw has a very nice article about this, complete with analysis. The Open Source press have been in state of haze (who needs drugs with a verdict like this) ever since.

If this judgement holds (meaning: it will not get overthrown or reversed by a higher court in an appeals process) then this verdict will have major influence on all other lawsuits that SCO has filed. (like against IBM).

The entire process might very well continue for the next two decades or so, at specially in the USA, these things can take a long time,  so it is fairly soon (too soon even) to pull out the champagne and have a party (tempting though), but SCO has taken a very serious beating with this verdict, for sure.

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