my dream house

parnell_larger.jpgA couple of years ago I discovered my dream home, it’s from Lockwood, an NZ based company specialised in wood based homes with some extraordinary designs, and build to last in even the harshest of climates. (the NZ building code is among the toughest in the world – I’ve read somewhere they need to stand cyclones and even 7.5 on the Righter scale earthquakes to pass the building code! The worst thing we get here in The Netherlands is force 13, which only happened once in my lifetime of 30 years, the worst earthquake was a minor 5.0, and that was a long way from where I live)

Meet Parnell, a 224.29 m2 house that absolutely rocks!

My only problems are:

  1. Being able to afford the place
  2. Being able to afford enough land to build it on (land is extremely expensive here in The Netherlands)
  3. Getting permits to build it here
  4. Finding a contractor who can build it
  5. Getting the house to The Netherlands
  6. find enough stuff to put into the house

parnell_floorplan.gifI’ve really fallen in love with this place, and if plane tickets to NZ weren’t so darn expensive, I would fly there to check a show house out they have near Auckland. But alas…

Anyhow, everyone should have dreams, this is mine. πŸ™‚

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