weird day, ditto week

I expect today to be pretty weird in the chaotic sense. Petra (my ex wife) will be subjected to surgery on her armpit. Last time she went in for surgery, she came out of the anesthetic pretty darn well and quickly too, and she was out of the hospital within an hour after surgery. Let’s hope that this time will be no different

A difference from her previous (unrelated) surgery, is that they will not close the wound, and put in a drain, this means that the coming week will be troublesome. For that reason I will work from home the coming week, because she will probably not be fit enough to take care of Femke alone. (especially lifting our darling little girl is becoming heavy enough under normal circumstances, let alone after having had surgery in a rather tender spot).

Speaking of Femke: she has a very clear musical preference for ‘The Offspring’, and particularly ‘Pretty fly’ causes her to really turn wild, she’s showing clear ‘head-banging’ behavior. A chip of the old block as they say. 🙂

Thankfully, this week we also have support from Petra’s mom, who is staying over. ( she happens to be a nurse ), but all in all, it’s probably going to be pretty chaotic week.

update: As the previous time, Petra bounced out her anesthetic quicker then anything, and within no time at all, she was eager to leave the hospital again. So, now she’s back home again, and everything seems to be going just fine.

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