Small update

Just a little update, since I’ve not been around for a while now.

A lot of changes in my life. As you know Petra and I where getting a divorce, and that was final in june. Then the waiting game started, because Petra needed a place of her own. Well, she and Femke moved out a couple of weeks ago, and my place is pretty empty now.

That’s pretty much it I guess, I’m still geeking around, making new friends (no, no new love yet) and getting used to really being single and alone.

Naturally I miss Femke, but I get to see her quite a lot thank goodness, she and Petra only live about a 7 minute walk from my place. 🙂 (which is really good, or I think I would have lost my sanity by now).

more to come, once I get my life back together.


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