US senator voicing “concerns” about apple touch ID.

A US senator wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, voicing concerns about the security and privacy aspects of this new technology.

Unfortunately, the letter also reads as one big “we have grave concerns that the government will not be able to access this fingerprint data”.

The senator starts off like a good (oxymoron) politician, citing concerns about the security and privacy of this technology, but then goes on to ask Cook to explain under what type of data this fingerprint data would fall, and therefor if it would be something they would have to hand over to law enforcement officials. Tipping the old hand quite obviously there, one would say.

Normally, you could easily yell “conspiracy theory!”, shrug, and move on with your lives. However: there is a wide range of devices on the market today, sporting fingerprint ID sensors, like laptops from well known brands, that did not have to divulge such information, and where not targeted by a senator with ‘concerns’.

That raises the following conclusions, for your consideration:

      Said devices are easily penetrated by law enforcement, and fingerprint data snatches
      Said technology is so clunky and useless, it will never adopt mainstream use, and therefor will not be a threat to a noses government
      Apple made something which is reasonably expected to become very popular, very wide spread in use, and is also bloody secure and will therefor seriously thwart the efforts of an extremely nosey and voyeuristic USA government. Not just inside the USA, but also in everything every honest, law abiding citizen of everyone of their so-called ‘allies’ does.

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