Friday, 18 Jan 2019
Category: work

my first opensource release : check_fortiadc

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan. I have wanted to contribute to opensource software for a long time, after all, I have been using it for many years now, and sometimes it just seems right to give back. But while I am good at quite a few things, I am not a […]

daemontools on redhat enterprise 6.0

So, for a project I needed to get something running in order to insure memcached would keep on running. The (for me) natural choice for this was daemontools (0.76 at time of writing). There are a couple of things you have to pay attention to, in order to get this going on RHEL 6. (and […]

Spamassassin 2010 bug

Someone on IRC pointed me to this wonderful bug in Spamassassin, it’s easy to quickfix, but the fix itself will become a bug in 10 years, in any case, until they push an update that correctly fixes this: ##{ FH_DATE_PAST_20XX header FH_DATE_PAST_20XX Date =~ /20[1-9][0-9]/ [if-unset: 2006] describe FH_DATE_PAST_20XX The date is grossly in the […]

Oracle 11g for Dummies

The boss just dumped a whole stack of books on our desks. Oracle 11g for dummies for me, w000t. Never done Oracle before, though I am no stranger to Databases at all (MySQL, Postgresql, MSSQL, IBM DB2)

vmware ESXi

Vmware released it’s answer to Microsoft’s Hyper-V product today: a free to download and using 32MB diskspace of footprint Hypervisor. This can only mean that the virtualisation market is gearing up for one heck of a competition run, maybe even a full-out war. Frankly, Vmware has the lead right now, they are market leader in […]

HP has clue, but not quite enough (yet)

I like HP servers. True enough, I like Supermicro better, but big companies tend not to like Supermicro due to the fact you have to assemble them yourself, and there’s no real support / SLA agreement possible with them (for now – I hear it’s in the works). Most people in the ISP world know […]

holy 23″ screen!

They just dragged in no less then 5 Apple HD Cinema 23″ screens here. And HOT DAMN those screens are cool. Just the thing to hook up to my MacBook Pro, but alas, I will have stick to my Sony 20″ CRT screen here at work for now…. [ad]


I haven’t gotten around to posting here much, due to being very busy at work. We just finished the physical move to a new data centre (we used to house at PSI / Shuberg Philis), now we have a  nice 60m2 cage at easynet. We had some problems with a power outage at the office, […]


Today we said goodbye to our old manager, it’s sad to see him go, but his ideas just didn’t match with the direction the company is going. I think he found a spot where he’s going to be much more happy now. Still, we’re going to miss him. He’s got great ideas, and he’s a […]