Today we said goodbye to our old manager, it’s sad to see him go, but his ideas just didn’t match with the direction the company is going. I think he found a spot where he’s going to be much more happy now. Still, we’re going to miss him. He’s got great ideas, and he’s a good manager, not too much meetings, and he pretty much lets us techies decide matters. He listens, and that is not exactly a commodity.

We’ve given him an XBox 360 as a farewell present, he wanted one of those, and now he’s got 3 weeks to play with it 🙂

One thought on “goodbye…

  1. Dear Arjan,

    Thanks for the kind words. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. You ubernerd/geek 🙂

    The XBox 360 rules bigtime. Extended my MCE with it.

    Keep up the good work and shine on you crazy diamond!


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