Bikes and Subways

really do not match!

Why do people take their bikes into a subway? The trains are overcrowded as it is in rush-hour, and every so many stops someone rams a bike into a compartment.

It’s one of the many things I think the GVB (The company that does all of the public transport in Amsterdam) could learn from their counterparts at the RET (The company that does all of the public transport in Rotterdam).

I’ve always felt that the way RET operates is much more logical and more easy to understand as a commuter, and I specialy like the rule that doesn’t allow bikes in the subway system before 19:00. The RET also seems to have much less problems with their equipment, not so much trains that are overcrowded, and a much more pleasant interval of trains stopping to whisk you away to wherever you are going.

Don’t get me wrong, the GVB isn’t that bad, but I recommend they go and see their friends in Rotterdam to perhaps pick up a hint here and there. 🙂

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