I am a daddy

on the 7th of june, 2007, my wife Petra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

We have decided to call her: Femke

The little one was a bit small and under weight for a baby that was almost carried full term, so she was kept at the hospital for a couple of days and nights, but both my ladies came home yesterday. 🙂

Proud father? Hell yes! 🙂

She’s got dark-brown hair (though that can still change), and dark green eyes (turning greenish-gray), a cute little nose, and a slightly tinted skin (due to her Indonesian blood on her mothers side 🙂 )

Pictures will undoubtedly be posted here in the future 🙂

2 thoughts on “I am a daddy

  1. Tho we parted in some sort of strife a long time ago, I cannot help but to congratulate you on fatherhood and your Femke. I wish you all the happiness you can find. Take care of your girls. Enjoy!

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