burglars suck

Okay, so recently my wife gave me a nice samsung flat screen HD ready 66cm TV, great thing, excellent picture, a joy to watch tv on. (specialy, when you’re addicted to CSI:* and Discovery Channel / National Geographic Channel – like we are).

But, as the title of this post suggests, someone other then us thought just about the same about our new TV, so when the thing was barely 2 weeks old, that someone broke in when nobody was home (in broad daylight) and stole it. The police came by, the CSI people came by, and the insurance send the paperwork in. One thing is for sure though, I’m not buying that TV again, they are a magnet for burglars.

So, whoever stole it: thank you so much. I hope they catch you. (as they did the last time someone broke into this house).

The insurance money will be spend on better protecting our house against future burglars. *sigh*

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