Monday, 17 Dec 2018
Author: Arjan Koole

my first opensource release : check_fortiadc

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you plan. I have wanted to contribute to opensource software for a long time, after all, I have been using it for many years now, and sometimes it just seems right to give back. But while I am good at quite a few things, I am not a […]

things KLM does that kind off baffle me

KLM is sometimes a baffling airliner. The first time I stepped on board of a KLM aircraft ( age 7, 31 years ago, a DC-10 to Hamburg ), it set in motion my undying love for aviation. I – seriously – love to fly. I sometimes joke I am most comfortable at 35,000 feet zooming […]

US senator voicing “concerns” about apple touch ID.

A US senator wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, voicing concerns about the security and privacy aspects of this new technology. Unfortunately, the letter also reads as one big “we have grave concerns that the government will not be able to access this fingerprint data”. The senator starts off like a good (oxymoron) […]

The evil in ‘do not be evil’ google

The words “do not be evil” have been linked to Google for a while now, and has reached near mythical proportions now with some of its users. But how much of this is true? One would argue, successfully, that google must absolutely not be evil, since these very words where immortalized in it’s IPO. However, […]

Samsung Continues to Poke Fun at Apple Fans in Super Bowl Ad

A nice post from MacRumors points out that Samsung continues to poke fun at Apple users, who stand in line to get the a newly launched product. Now, as a dutch person, I am blissfully oblivious to the Super Bowl, but one thing I do know is: Super Bowl ads do not come cheap So, Samsung […]

The only thing the iPad might be lacking

I, like many others, like the iPad. I don’t own one, and never have, because as much as I love my iPhone, I don’t like one simple thing: – it’s got no separation for users Separation for users, while a common thing on computers, including OS X, is very uncommon on phones and tablets. On […]

Steve Jobs : 1955 – 2011

In memoriam, Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011 Apple has used the following text on more then one occasion, and I think it sums up Steve Jobs like few other texts could: Here’s to the crazy one. The misfit. The rebel. The troublemaker. The round peg in the square holes. The one who see things differently. […]

Crouching lion, hidden UNIX

One of the many things I like about Mac OS X (Server) is the fact it’s a pure-bred UNIX. It’s even certified as such. Not to mention that the Director of Unix Technology at Apple is the person who at one point started the FreeBSD project: Jordan K. Hubbard. (I love FreeBSD, so I’m very […]

daemontools on redhat enterprise 6.0

So, for a project I needed to get something running in order to insure memcached would keep on running. The (for me) natural choice for this was daemontools (0.76 at time of writing). There are a couple of things you have to pay attention to, in order to get this going on RHEL 6. (and […]


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