weird day, ditto week

I expect today to be pretty weird in the chaotic sense. Petra (my ex wife) will be subjected to surgery on her armpit. Last time she went in for surgery, she came out of the anesthetic pretty darn well and quickly too, and she was out of the hospital within […]

legal madness in India

Today, I read a news article (dutch only, sorry), about how 2 organisations in The Netherlands, where I live, are being sued for voicing a protest against certain companies that produce in India, and the working conditions they have there. What’s even more shocking, is that my ISP, xs4all, is […]

my dream house

A couple of years ago I discovered my dream home, it’s from Lockwood, an NZ based company specialised in wood based homes with some extraordinary designs, and build to last in even the harshest of climates. (the NZ building code is among the toughest in the world – I’ve read […]

evil cheatgenius / content trap

Evil is afoot on the internet. Unknowing users might be tricked into installing potentially malicious and definitely privacy invading software on their computers, in order to view free ‘premium content‘. At least, that is what the people at and their partner are up to, or so it seems […]