SCO falls… extremely hard

Okay, some of you might have felt a tremor on the 10th of August. And in case you where wondering: that was the Novell vs SCO verdict being dropped off by the judge 🙂 This 109 pages of legal words are like the hand of God (or whatever deity you […]

little girl growing fast

As I mentioned earlier, I am a new dad. (well, for almost 2 months now 🙂 ) Our little girl is growing at a mind boggling rate, gaining a staggering 200 grams per week! 🙂 Since she was rather much underweight when she was born, she’s on a fast track […]

burglars suck

Okay, so recently my wife gave me a nice samsung flat screen HD ready 66cm TV, great thing, excellent picture, a joy to watch tv on. (specialy, when you’re addicted to CSI:* and Discovery Channel / National Geographic Channel – like we are). But, as the title of this post […]

I am a daddy

on the 7th of june, 2007, my wife Petra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We have decided to call her: Femke The little one was a bit small and under weight for a baby that was almost carried full term, so she was kept at the hospital for […]


I haven’t gotten around to posting here much, due to being very busy at work. We just finished the physical move to a new data centre (we used to house at PSI / Shuberg Philis), now we have a  nice 60m2 cage at easynet. We had some problems with a […]

vmware beta’s DirectX support in Fusion

VMWare announced a new beta of their Fusion product for Mac OS X, one of the more interesting features of this beta is the hardware 3D support. (DirectX 8.1 only for now). This is an interesting development to say the least. I’ve heard rumblings that that other Mac virtualisation company, […]

Steve Ballmer : Linux is not free

One of the nice things about Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corp. is that he always is full of FUD. This time, he continues on the subject of my previous ‘war on fud‘ post, where he stated that “linux users owe Microsoft“. According this article on Zdnet, he repeats […]